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Telecom Tower

We have successfully designed & implemented IBC designs for Maxis, Celcom, Digi, UMobile and Unifi Mobile & acted as IBS consultants to vendors such as Ericsson & Huawei.

Rapid Deployment System

Installation of RDS equipment and commissioning in various sites

Telecom Monopole

We have successfully designed & implemented IBC designs for Maxis, Celcom and Digi & acted as IBS consultants to vendors such as Ericsson & Huawei.

Smartpole @ Lamppole

This new product is still based on the camouflage concept with minimal space usage and can be placed at any location within the urban area.


Our telecommunication pole and tower collection are meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of the Malaysian mobile telecommunications sector. Our structures ranging from various tailored engineering designs to cater the industry specifications and standards, ensuring compatibility with a diverse range of applications for both local and global markets.

Radio & Radar Structure

We stand ready to support the naval and aerospace defence industry by offering sophisticated intelligent structural solutions tailored to meet the evolving demands. Our capabilities, combined with an extensive portfolio of products and services, empower us to meet precise engineering criteria, regardless of the deployment’s location.

Oil & Gas

Our product line encompasses cutting-edge oil and gas solutions tailored for production and processing. Meticulously engineered to meet client specifications, our offerings stand as a testament to innovation in the industry. Beyond manufacturing excellence, we provide comprehensive consultation and advisory services, ensuring a seamless integration of materials and processes for optimal efficiency in oil and gas production.

Services & Accessories

Beyond manufacturing, we offer a comprehensive in-house service encompassing design, engineering, drafting, and structure erection and commissioning. Our capabilities extend to the supply of all essential components necessary for your specific structure, from foundations and pole top hardware to a variety of pole accessories. Your complete satisfaction and seamless integration of our products into your projects is our top priorities.

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We are innovative.

Our structures are designed not only to perform the best technically, but also to preserve the present aesthetics. RDS, COW and Smart-Pole are our state-of-the-art innovation products. We are ready to collaborate for client's custom steel fabrication requirements to imprint tech innovation.

Premium Quality

Experience unmatched quality with our premium offerings. Elevate your standards that will give your peace of mind for long terms structure durability and performance.

The best R&D

And at the heart of our obsession to be the best, lies our R&D team who continuously strives for the better. Pioneer of Smart-Pole with the 1st to be approved by SIRIM, and endorsed by prestigious telco clients, DBKL and other local councils.


Elevate your business effortlessly with our hassle-free solutions. Simplify success with us, with A to Z process, from factory manufacturing until installation to handover to telco clients.