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Dedicated to lead the future of telecommunication engineering ecosystem through groundbreaking innovation and extensive research and development for steel and telecommunication tower structure, Jitrapadu Engineering stands unwavering in its commitment to ensuring a better-connected Malaysia as we are embracing the arrival of 5G and more advanced connectivity.

As a visionary steel fabricator, Jitrapadu Engineering is dedicated in providing a full turnkey solution designed to propel the nationwide development of telecommunication infrastructure in particular, as well as other broad industries. Our commitment extends to facilitating the swift deployment and preparedness for the transformative era of Industrial Revolution 4.0, Smart City and Smart Technology and IoT.

Telecommunication Towers

We humbly offer our expertise and total commitment to our clients in building and expanding its telecommunication network to meet the fast growing customer needs. With the experience and expertise that we gained over the years in telecommunication ecosystem, we are optimistic and ready to undertake any challenging deployment demands with highest quality of workmanship and professionalism to suit the client's preferences.

Rapid Deployment
Solutions (RDS)

Deployment solution comprises of precast concrete foundation blocks, stand as our flagship products. Specifically designed to minimise implementation risks, accelerating deployment timelines, and guaranteeing an overnight on-air.

Cell on Wheels

Solution for quick deployment of telecommunication structures for short-term or impromptu needs.  This comprehensive solution is also re-deployable and mobile (portable), providing customers advantage by allowing complete relocation of their site.

Smart Pole

The camouflage concept with minimal space usage and can be placed at any location within the urban area, usually to replace street light. Fast deployment with lesser regulatory requirements. Our smart-pole is first to be endorsed by SIRIM, DBKL and telco giants.

Sea Freight Delivery

We will go extra miles if you think of deploying telecommunication structure in very remote area, even to an isolated island. That's our commitment to get everyone connected!

Collaborate with us

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We are innovative.

Our structures are designed not only to perform the best technically, but also to preserve the present aesthetics. RDS, COW and Smart-Pole are our state-of-the-art innovation products. We are ready to collaborate for client's custom steel fabrication requirements to imprint tech innovation.

Premium Quality

Experience unmatched quality with our premium offerings. Elevate your standards that will give your peace of mind for long terms structure durability and performance.

The best R&D

And at the heart of our obsession to be the best, lies our R&D team who continuously strives for the better. Pioneer of Smart-Pole with the 1st to be approved by SIRIM, and endorsed by prestigious telco clients, DBKL and other local councils.


Elevate your business effortlessly with our hassle-free solutions. Simplify success with us, with A to Z process, from factory manufacturing until installation to handover to telco clients.